Escape Wonderland

Ever imagine what you would do if you were Alice trapped inside Wonderland? You and your friends have stumbled across the rabbit hole where Alice’s journey began. Now your trapped and have to escape before the Red Queen finds you. Alice has left some clues to help you but you must look closely, work together, and think fast. Do you have the wits and curiosity to get out? If you’re still trapped before time runs out than it will be “OFF WITH YOUR HEADS!

Rabbit Key Hole Crop

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Entire Room Booking >>> To book a room all to yourself, the time slot must first have no current bookings and you must purchase all the available tickets (10). For Custom time and dates, please give us a call.

NOTE: This Adventure holds up to 10.

*Please make sure to arrive 15 minutes early for checkin purposes. All games start on time and late arrivals will not be allowed to enter the game. You will loose your booking and no refunds will be given.

Should you arrive late, purchase of a new booking will be required.