Halloween Escape

Halloween Escape


Halloween Escape The Dead Room Adventure

Escape rooms are the NEWEST form of entertainment that is sweeping across the US and now is here in Mesa, AZ. Escape Adventure offers a thrilling time that challenges the mind as well as the bring a level of excitement to a game where wits, curiosity, and communication are key elements to solving the puzzles to earn your freedom. But remember, you only have 60 minutes to get out so you have to work fast in order to get out in time. We are in a great location for those of you who live in Mesa, Apache Junction, Queen Creek, Gilbert, Chandler, and Tempe.

As we approach the Halloween season you might find yourself bored of doing the same old thing every year.  Whether that be giving out candy, a Halloween party, or going to a Haunted House. Well why not try a new Halloween Activity? Something new, challenging, fun, and exciting. We at Escape Adventure have opened our “Escape the Dead” adventure.  Not only do you get the fun of trying to escape the rooms within 60 minutes but you also have the fear factor that you get from a Haunted House. This escape will transform you into a place where you never know what you might find among the dead.

Fast and adrenaline pumping you are going the love what this escape has to offer.  You get the feel of your typical Haunted House however, you get to be part of it. Your objective it to go through and use the clues, puzzles, riddles, and hidden objects in the room(s) to find your way out.  Do you have what it takes to escape? Do you have the wit and curiosity to unlock your freedom and escape the dead?  Well if so than come check it out.  It will be the fastest 60 minutes of your life!  You are going to love it and come back for more.  So book online today and experience the Escape Adventure!

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